My Yoli's Pizza
1216 Cochrans Mill Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15236

Fall Hours

Monday:  Closed
Tuesday-Thursday:  11AM to 9PM
Friday & Saturday:  11AM to 10PM
Sunday: 12PM to 8PM

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1216 Cochrans Mill Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15236

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                 Sunday - Thursday Specials

The Coach Nola

18" 1 regular topping.  Any two 9" Oven Baked Sandwiches and any 2 Liter
$29.99 (plus tax) 412-655-YOLI (9654)
Cannot be combined with any other offers or specials. Limited time only.  Must mention when ordering.

We Feed You Like Family Feast

Two 18" 1 regular topping.  Two 9" Oven Baked Sandwiches Breadsticks.  Any 2 Liter.
$49.99 (plus tax)
412-655-YOLI (9654)
Cannot be combined with any other offers or specials. Limited time only.  Must mention when ordering.

The Sampler

14" 1 regular topping.  Any 9" Oven Baked Sandwich and any side/ starter (excluding wings).
$19.99 (plus tax) 412-655-YOLI (9654)
Cannot be combined with any other offers or specials. Limited time only.  Must mention when ordering.
  All day Everyday

Pick-up Special

18" 1 regular topping.  Any 2 liter.
$11.99 (plus tax) 412-655-YOLI (9654)
Cannot be combined with any other offers or specials. Limited time only.  Must mention when ordering.

  Regular Menu

Pizza Pies

Price Toppings
14" 8 cut $9 $2 $3
18" 12 cut $13 $3 $5
Slices (Pick up only) cut $2 $1 $2

Cheeses:   Grand Blend (our pizza cheese). Fresh Mozzarella* (balls of fresh mozz). Sharpe Cheddar* (Shredded).  Parmigiano Reggiano* (shaved).  Feta* (crumbled), Blue Cheese* (crumbled).  Ricotta* (dollops).
Sauces:   House Red (our house made pizza sauce).  House White* (house made garlic butter), Sunday Sauce* (house made marinara. bolder version of House Red).  Arrabiata* (Spicy Sunday Sauce)
Meat and Greet: Pepperoni.  Sweet Sausage.  Chicken.  Ham.  Hot sausage*. Mama's Meatballs*, Capicola*, Delmonico*, Proscuitto*, Hot Sopressata*, Mortadella*, Salami*. Anchovies*, Paprika bacon*, Andouille sausage*.
Veggies for the Light Guys: Fresh marinated mushrooms, Red onions, White onions, Green peppers, Tomatoes, Black Olives, Minced Garlic, Roasted Red Peppers, Fresh Banana Peppers*, Spinach*, Kalamata Olives*, Augula*, Capers*, Basil*, Fresh Jalapenos*, Artichoke hearts*, Pineapple*.

Yoli Roli
Our house made pizza dough stuffed with your favorite fillings, cut into pinwheels, and baked to perfection.
The Original Yoli Roli: Yoli's Secret Spread, Pepperoni, Grande Blend, Side of Sunday Sauce.
1 for $2, 4 for $7, 4 for
Additional ingredients priced as 14" pizza toppings.
Any Specialty Pie or OvenBaked Sandwich Roli: $15

Pick A Sauce: Sunday Sauce Arrabbiata, House White
Pick a Pasta: Campanelle - short pasta.  Looks like little blooming flowers.
Bucatini - longer spaghetti noodle.  A little thicker with a hollow inside.
Mezzi Rigatoni - small rigatoni.
Pick a Meat: Meatball Or Hot Sausage:  $9
No meat:  $7
Ask about our Gluten Free Pasta and Pizza options, starting at $13

Specialty Pies

    14" 18"  
  The Fab 5:  Buff. Chicken tenders. Paprika bacon. Cheddar and Grande Blend. House made ranch.
French fries.
$18 $23  
  The Notorious PIG:  House Red. Paprika bacon. Capicola. Sweet sausage. Hot Soppressata. Grande
$16 $21  
  The SHMILY:  House White. Roma tomatoes. Fresh basil. Fresh mozzarella. $14 $19  
  The Hotter Than Heck(ler):  Stuffed banana peppers with hot sausage. Arrabbiata. Provonello. Grande Blend. $17 $22  
  The Big Popp(a):  House White. Fresh jalapenos stuffed with herbed cream cheese. Paprika bacon. Cheddar and Grande Blend. House made ranch. $17 $22  
  The Jace Face:  House Red. Spinach. Olives. Tomatoes. Red onion. Roasted red pepper. Feta. Grande Blend. Great veggie option on a sub roll as well! $16 $21  
  The Zeus:  House White. Feta. Red onions. Kalamata Olives. Capers. Roasted reds. Grande Blend. $16 $21  
  The Braciole, Unraveled:  Uncle Dino's Secret Garlic Spread. Delmonico. Grande Blend. Served with a side of minced gardiniera. $15 $20  
  The Heater:  Arrabbiata. Grande Blend. Hot sausage. Andouille sausage. Hot Sopressata. Capicola. Fresh banana peppers. Fresh jalapeños. Habanero ranch. Yes, it is as hot as it sounds! $18 $23  
  The Aloha:  House Red, Grande Blend. Ham.  Capicola.  Pineapple.  Red onion.  Cheddar. $17 $22  
  The Great Pittsburgh Pierogie Pie:  Mashed potatoes (Potato Pete). Grande Blend. Cheddar (Cheese Chester). Caramelized onions (Oliver Onion). Paprika bacon (Bacon Bert). Fresh jalapeños Jalapeño Hannah). $17 $22  
  The Austin:  House White. Grande Blend. Sounds super simple, but it's super awesome, just like Austin. $9 $13  
  The Aunt Donna:  House White. Grande Blend. Spinach. Tomato. Ricotta. Topped with fresh basil. $17 $22  
  The Gianna Lucia:  Sunday Sauce. Mama's Meatballs. Fresh mozz. Ricotta. Fresh basil. $18 $23  
  The Dominico:  House white.  Grande blend.  Prosciutto.  Arugula.  Shaved Parmesan. $18 $23  
  The Roger Dorn:  House White. Grande Blend. Fresh mozz. Feta. Paprika bacon. $17 $22  

Oven Baked Sandwiches

    6" 12"  
  The DiGregorio (Italian): Pepperoni. Salami. Capicola. Provonello. Casa D'Yoli. Spring mix. Tomatoes. Red onions.


  The Gotti (Spicy Italian): Capicola. Mortadella. Hot soppressata. Roasted reds. Provonello. Spring mix. sa D'Yoli. $6 $11  
  The Balboa (Italian Beef): Slow roasted (9 HOURS!) Italian beef. Minced giardiniera. provonello. Yoli Aioli. $6 $11  
  The Baller (Meatball): Mama's Meatballs. Sunday Sauce. Provonello. Ask around about our 'Balls. $6 $11  
  The Saltimbocca (Chicken and Prosciutto): Marinated grilled chicken. Prosciutto. Fresh mozzarella. Sage aioli. Spring mix. $6 $11  
  The Don't Cheat Buck (Chicken Parm): Fried Chicken. Sunday Sauce. Provonello $6 $11  
  The Earl Of Sandwich (Brociole Steak): Uncle Dino's secret take on Pap Pap's Braciole spread. Thinly sliced Delmonico. Provonello. Yoli Aioli. Spring mix. $6 $10  
  The Uncle Dino (Hot Sausage and Cheese): Hot sausage. Grilled peppers and onions. Arrabbiata sauce. Provonello. $6 $11  
  The Jim Kane aka The Mother Clucker (Chicken Bacon Ranch): Fried chicken. Paprika bacon. Ranch. Spring mix. Tomatoes. Red onions. $6 $11  
  The Philliponi (Delmonico Steak and Cheese): Delmonico. Sautéed roasted reds and onions. Mushrooms. Provonello. Yoli Aioli. Spring mix. $7 $13  
  The Gotta Picatta (Chicken Picatta): Fried Chicken. Lemon butter. Capers. Provonello. Spring mix. $6 $11  
  The Drunk Fish (Beer Battered Fish): 8 oz Yuengling- battered haddock. Spring mix. Provonello. Homemade tartar sauce.   $10  

Baylee's Bites Kids Menu


Add a side salad to any
sandwich for just
  Pick An Entrée: Pizza slice +1 Topping. Chicken tenders. Pasta with  House Red or House White. $7  
  Pick A Side: Cutie, French fries.  
  Pick A Drink: Milk, chocolate milk, apple juice.  

Sides and Starters

  Provonello Sticks: Taste the difference that fresh makes. Side of Sunday Sauce. . . . $6  
  Baked Jalapeno Poppers: Fresh baked jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese. Paprika bacon. Cheddar. Side of house made ranch. . . .$6  
  3B Sprouts: Bacon. Brussels. Balsamic. "You can't serve brussels, you're a pizzashop!" *Orders brussels**Eats brussels**Stops ordering from pizza shops that don't have brussels*. . . .$7  
  Mama's Meatballs: Homemade 'Balls. Sunday Sauce. Fresh shaved parmesan. Mama checks in to make sure they're right. . . .$7  
  Stuffed Banana Peppers: Fresh banana peppers. Hot sausage. Arrabbiata. Provonello. . . .$7  
  Giardiniera Homefries: Diced Yukon gold potatoes meet our minced giardiniera. The best combo you've never had. . . .$6  
  Balboa Fries: Crunchy coated french fries. Topped with cheddar cheese sauce. Our slow roasted 9 HOURS!) Italian beef. Minced giardiniera. . . .$8  
  French Fries: Add cheese, paprika bacon, or giardiniera for $1 extra. . .$3  
  Caprese Salad: Cherry tomatoes. Fresh mozzarella balls. Basil. EVOO. Balsamic glaze. . . .$6  
  Zucchini Planks: Batter dipped and fried. Side of Sunday Sauce. . . $6  
  Bread Sticks: Side of Sunday Sauce. . . . Regular $4, Family size $8  
  Chicken Tenders: Tossed in your favorite sauce or on the side. . .. 3 for $6  
  Jumbo Wings: 6 For $9. 12 For $16

Wing Sauces
: Birthday Suit (naked), Buff (House buffalo), Barbie (House BBQ), Sweet Baby Bay (House honey BBQ), GarPar (Garlic butter parmesan), Magic Dust (Dry spice, most popular dry spice), Hot Hey Dude (Buffalo ranch, most popular wet sauce), Habanero Ranch (stupid hot), Blue Magic (dry spice blend with blue cheese crumbles), Jung Ho Hot (Sweet Chili).
:   Pepsi products and Turner's Dairy


  Yoli Cannoli: 3 cannoli shells generously stuffed with fresh cannoli cream. Topped with powdered sugar and chocolate chips. . . .$6  
  Canookie: Cannoli cream sandwiched by two oversized fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. Rolled in chocolate chips. Topped with powdered sugar... $6  


  The Casa D'Yoli: Spring mix. Cherry tomatoes. Red onion. Roasted red peppers. Fresh shaved parmesan. Side of Casa D'Yoli dressing. . . $6  
  The Uncle Jason: Arugula. Roasted reds. Fresh shaved parmesan. Side of Casa D'Yoli dressing. . , .$6  
  The Eileen: Spring mix. Kalamata olives. Cherry tomatoes. Red onions. Capers. Feta. Side of Casa D'Yoli dressing...$7 Add chicken ... $11  
  The Rockwell: Spring mix. Marinated chicken. Cherry tomatoes. Kalamata olives. Fresh jalapeno. Grande Blend. French fries. . . .$11  
  The Chick In The Buff: Spring mix. Your choice of marinated grilled or fried chicken tossed in Buff. Cherry tomatoes. Red onion. French fries. . . .$11  
  The Delmonico: Spring mix. Thinly sliced Delmonico steak. Sautéed onions. Mushrooms. Roasted reds. Grande Blend. French fries. . . $12  
Homemade Dressings: Casa D'Yoli (House vinaigrette), Creamy Italian, Ranch, Blue Cheese, Honey Mustard

The Pirate "Pair It" Lunch Combos
$8.99 plus tax. Available every day until 2pm

  Pick 1:

• Select 6" Oven Baked Sandwich
• 2 Slices of Pizza w/ 1 regular topping
• Small order of original Yoli Roli
• The Rockwell, The Eileen, or The Chick in the Buff Salad
  Pair it with 1 of the following:

• The Casa Di Yoli
• The Uncle Jason
• Baked Jalepeno Poppers
• Provonello Sticks
• 3B Sprouts
• French Fries
• Giardinera Home Fries
• Small Bread Sticks
Free Delivery within a 5 mile radius.
$10 minimum for Delivery